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Assemblymember Pedro Nava Tours Water Conservation Project

July 22, 2005
Santa Paula News
Despite the successes of United Water Conservation District’s Freeman diversion, completed in 1991, seawater intrusion is still a problem for the deeper aquifers in the Oxnard Plain. To help solve this problem, United is proposing to construct a future project that will connect current facilities to nearby gravel pits for storage and recharge of river water during high flow events.The project will also benefit endangered steelhead trout by making more water available to fish without significantly impacting water needed for recovery of the aquifers. “United Water is pleased that Assemblymember Nava is interested in learning more about water issues in Ventura County and gaining a solid understanding of the reasons for this new project and the benefits it will provide to his constituents,” stated United’s Board Treasurer Bruce Dandy.The tour also featured a look at approximately 90 birdhouses that have been installed by bird enthusiasts along the banks of the spreading grounds. The area is visited by many interesting species of birds. The Audubon Society gives tours of the area from time to time.
“I was pleased to see the cooperation between the United Water Conservation District and the Audubon Society. This partnership reflects a mutual concern for today’s environment and the future of Ventura County. The District seeks to balance the interests of the environment, agriculture and the dynamic communities that depend on them for water, the current version of California’s gold,” Assemblymember Nava said.United Water Conservation District is a public water agency responsible for conserving and protecting groundwater resources in Ventura County. In addition to the district’s Lake Piru Recreation Area, United Water’s facilities include: Santa Felicia Dam; spreading grounds in Saticoy, El Rio and Piru; an agricultural water delivery system; a wholesale municipal water delivery system; and the Freeman Diversion facility. The district provides wholesale water to the City of Oxnard, the Port Hueneme Water Agency (which includes the Naval Base Ventura County), Pleasant Valley County Water District, and several small mutual water companies. A seven-member elected board of directors directs the district’s policy and