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SERVER maintenance every six month
Published:  November 11, 2015

Well it seems we may finally be getting some fall weather in the Heritage Valley!  As the season turns and the leaves begin to fall another year-end approaches.   Around the end of the year I always think ‘maintenance’.  It’s something that has just become part of my natural thought process over the years being in the computer support arena.  Here’s what I mean. 

Often we come onsite, or bring a system to the HOC office, to help clients when there’s a ‘burning fire’ we help put out.  We address some type of issue that’s affecting operations in some way that requires immediate attention.  This in our world is what we consider “reactive support”. 

Outside of these immediate issues, for our business clients, we recommend and try to perform SERVER maintenance every six months.  If clients don’t choose the six month option, ANNUAL maintenance at minimum is recommended.  Also, near the end of each calendar year, I recommend facilities workstations/PC’s maintenance.  This last sentence is applicable to home user systems as well. This is what we call “proactive support”.  A common goal for us, and for you to work toward with your computer(s), is whenever possible be proactive vs. reactive.

Again, this maintenance is beyond the ‘fixing an issue that is wrong right now’, which is ongoing.  Maintenance includes cleanup, updates, security settings updates, recommendations for software updates/options, system replacements, internal components/fans cleaning, verifying backup options, etc. 

Sure, let’s be honest - this is a nice niche for our business.  But in all honesty, it’s a win-win.  You also get your operations gone through and make sure you’re operating efficiently and on the proper path AND if there are any existing problems they’re addressed as well.  If you choose to do it yourself, so be it – it’s a solid move on your part for keeping your system(s) running better.  If you have not yet performed yourself I encourage you to give us a call for an appointment – we’ll take care of you.

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Until next time, don’t forget your backups!  For more information, contact Harv Oliver, HANDS-ON Consultations, (805) 524-5278,